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Once upon a time two guys shared the same dream. It was to design and print their own shirts. The fascination grew bigger and together they created their own label. Together, they talked about their visions and they founded their own little company. First they printed some shirts and sold them to their friends. The demand for the shirts increased and more and more people all over wanted their clothes. They had to deliver good t-shirts in even better quality so they got their first screen printing machine to print their first small orders by themselves and imrpove their output. Soon realized that even though they had the same dream, with the interest and changes happening concerning their clothes , their views on the future of their company differed. One of them went on with smaller numbers. Meanwhile Simon Georg went big. 2004 he took the decision that he wanted to launch a real enterprise. Two years after, the blessed clothing company was born.

He knew he had to switch the fabrication to somewhere else, where it was cheaper to produce clothes. In 2006, the first official collection was produced under fair-trade in India. The quality of the clothes improved and from that point on, through high quality control, he was able to guarantee an error-free production. Then in 2008 Simon decided to start working fulltime with blessed. He finished his career as a professional beachvolleyballplayer, even though he won a title in the Swiss junior championship. And it was then, that blessed fully started and they planned the first big summer collection in 2009 together with Max Havelaar. In May 2009 the blessed GmbH (Company with limited liability) was finally fouded.

Today, the clothes are made in modern production places in the East. The cotton products are from India and Pakistan while all the leather goods are from Pakistan only. The sporting goods and fiber clothes are coming from China and the large deals of cotton goods (at least 500 pieces per style) are made in Mauritius, in a FLO (Fair-trade Label Organisation) certificated company, under the control of workers from the fair-trade seal of approval Max Havelaar.

The blessed Brand Store in Biel is the head office of blessed. The store is located in the heart of Biel. It’s not just a store, it includes the workplaces (office) of our staff and volunteers, also the warehouse and a bar with a lounge. Blessed is not only successful because of events, as well our followers from the internet(Facebook & Co.) and all our fans all over the world are turning blessed into a popular brand.
10% of the profit that blessed earns goes to different charities.

As CEO from blessed, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who encourage and help me, and also all the volunteers that help in their free time and work with blessed.

Simon Georg